Community: 9/29/2018

Open House BK presents:
♥ Community: A Group Exhibition & Art Party
9/29/2018, 4:30-10:30 pm.
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Indoor/Outdoor Art Party, celebrating Community! Artist exhibiting works based on their own unique interpretation of the theme. OHBK has had a beautiful run, filled with spirited creativity, sharing, building, forming and joy. These tenets will live on in all we continue to do. We couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who has been a part of these last 8 years. That being said, this will be our last show (at least for now). Anyone who has ever been a part of OHBK, please come out and let’s celebrate you.

Come party down with us, Musical styling by Dmitri Russell
cheers to new chapters! ✌️❤️🎨

Caitlin Burke
Melissa Diaz
Math Erao:
Duane Hosein
Rick Jones
Taibi Time
Holly McGraw
Carolina Ramirez
Ana Tyler
Lisa Wicka
Julia Volonts

+ This event will also be an opportunity to donate to
The Changing Room: “Through a holistic approach to healing the physical and emotional self, applying Creative Art- and Movement Therapies. The Changing Room 11 is committed to helping
victims of physical/emotional violence and sexual abuse overcome their trauma – guiding them from surviving to thriving.”

++ Featuring:
Visual Art (Painting, Photography, Collage, Sculpture, Drawing, Installation & Interactive art).
Live Music
DJ Sets
Indoor & Outdoor
B-Day Celebration for OHBK director Melissa Diaz

+++Open House BK has been a passion project, started amongst a beautiful team of South Slope creatives. Through the time, we have met and collaborated with the raddest artists, which also afforded us the privilege of showcasing such talented and spirited individuals. We were has the please to provide creative arts therapy and arts education to children, adults and families. Through out all the experiences, we considered this a multi-modal initiative with opportunities to share and learn through each other’s respective modes of expression.

Open House Brooklyn (estb. 2010), is a community arts initiative that creates free & affordable pop-up creative arts experiences; producing pop-up art events throughout Brooklyn, utilizing a variety of spaces (apartments, backyards, lofts, roof tops, bars, coffee shops, art houses, yoga studios, etc.). It is our goal to shed light on creativity and community as integral for social justice, personal healing and progress.

OHBK began as an exhibition series of intimate, shared arts and music experiences. This series promotes the spirit of collaborative and interactive exhibits via alternative venue, the home. The exhibitions are rooted in expanding the idea of exhibition space, while supporting emerging artists and building a bridge between all art forms.

In 2013, Open House Brooklyn, began to incorporate art classes, and therapeutic arts sessions for children, adults and families, fully rounding out OHBK’s initiative to provide community based engagement with the arts.

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