Mindfulness & Mandala Making Workshops

As a part 0f OHBK’s pop-up workshops, Art Therapist, Melissa Diaz, held 2 workshops at Hootenanny Art House.

Workshops offered an opportunity of creative relaxation techniques, and mandala making.

Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. Mandalas have been used throughout history, found in many cultures symbolizing the universe and oneness. Tibetan cultures have utilized the mandala for rituals and meditation, while Native Americans have also worked with the mandala form as a source of healing. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung, brought the concept of the mandala to psychology, utilizing it with patients, to aid in individuation, organization of thoughts and inner balance. Mandalas are thought of as sacred circles, representing wholeness and intended as a drawing meditation to bring centering. Creating a mandala helps in finding your quiet center, meditating and looking inwards. In conjunction with mandala making, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery provide the foundation for a grounding experience. All activities aid in the formation of a creative stress management tool kit.

Workshop descriptions below: Please contact melissa@openhousebk.com, to book a pop-up class near you!

Kids Course:

Workshop will explore kid friendly mindfulness and meditative art making. Participants will be lead through playful breathing exercises and guided imagery. A brief  history of mandalas will be introduced, followed by experimenting with patterns, symmetry and color. All activities will offer a fun way for children to learn relaxation techniques and artful centering! Each participant will create their own dynamic work of art to take home! Art Making for a child’s mind, body and soul!

Adult Course:

Workshop will provide an opportunity for centering, relaxation and meditative art making. We all need a bit of extra self-care during this wintry time, so please join in an evening of calming breathwork, guided imagery and mandala making! Session will begin with grounding activities followed by a brief introduction of the history of mandalas. The concept of making a mandala will be introduced as a tool for tuning your attention inwards and finding your sacred space to unlocking potential. This workshop will aid in relaxing your mind and body, while enlivening your creativity and self-expression. No prior art making experience needed at all! A variety of art making materials (drawing, painting & collage) will be provided. A fun and restorative way to begin your week!

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