Pictures from OH 9: Coast to Coast

What a great success!! Thank you so much to everyone involved! Please see the links below for info on all the  participants! A truly awesome night…creativity and art everywhere! Hope everyone had a chance to check out all the art, video, and music. *This was our first Bi-Coastal Open House with simultaneous OH shows! We Skyped into OH LA and LA pics to come!

~ Special Thanks to our Hosts: Kristina Donello, Doug Drewes, Tyler Denoff, Ryan Lamm & Jonathan Marques
~Thanks to guest music performance by Jamey Hamm & Gypsy George.  Thanks to DJ Diz for putting together a fun mix on the 2nd floor.

All Open House shows take place in the home space, while this makes for intimate and unique experiences, we realize it can get crowded and this is not gallery atmosphere. That being said, we ask that you please respect the artwork!

Please do not touch or move the artwork,unless it is intended to be interacted with and other wise specified by the artist. Thank you!

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These shows depend on word of mouth and community, Thank you for all your support! Please continue to spread the word!

Photos by: Nolan Conway,


~Music by:
Doug Drewes:
Parade Grounds:
~Artworks by:
Sarah Detweiler: {Drawing, Crochet Installation}
Tyler Denoff {Interactive Bedroom Installation}
Joseph Dolinsky: {Sculpture Rein Bust}
Melissa Diaz: {Balcony Light Sculptures}
Beth Green: {Phone Book Page Paintings}
Jamey Hamm: {Backyard Installation/Assemblage}
Anthony Mangicapra: {Drawing, Painting (lower Hallway, Lower Kitchen)}
Danny Coeyman: {Handmade Paper}
Lillian Farag : {Painting, Illustration, Embroidery}
Mike Fox {Paper Collage (Upper Hallway)}
Noah Post: {Painting, Collage (Floors 2&3)}
~Videos by:
Ellis Bahl:
Ellis Bahl/Alex Fischer
Ian Cinco:

More Info @:


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