Pics: OH BK VII {summer series kickoff}

Amazing night…so much fun and creativity shared!!! Big Thank you to everyone who was a part of it,

special thanks to the hosts  Dmitri, Jake & Mike !

*Thank you Lauraberth Lima for most of the lovely photos you’re seeing below, Le Femme Flaneur.

*If you’re curious about an artist’s work please see the links below.

Alex Carpenter: {Video}​nsparentmeans
Melissa Diaz: {Painting, Terrariums, Sculpture}​
Joseph Dolinsky: {Wall Sculpture}
Mark Hodson: {Painting}​dson#gallery
Lauraberth Lima:{Photography}
Ike Morgan: {Painting, artist from the outsider art documentary, MAKE}​/
Jake Nelson:{Live Painting}
Adel Souto: {Spoken Word} http://feastofhateandfear.​com/
Daniel Sebastian Villela: {illustration/sculpture}
Lisa Wicka: {Prints}
***Music by:
-M Jam:​a-m
-Chris Hinckley:​rishinckleymusic?sk=wall
****DJ Sets by:
-DJ Dizzi,​ges/DJ-Diz/149714271768057
-DJ Shortstack

{thanks to our awesome bartenders: Dj Shortstack & Petros Pappalas (jungle juice extraordinaire)}

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