.Pictures, Mission Statement, Goals.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our last Open House, July 26, 2010!!! Thank to all the amazingly talented participants! It was one hot hot night, thanks to those who beared the heat and showed their support!

*Just a few pictures! More (better) to come!!!

~Melissa Diaz: Rope Hammock Installation (featuring the lovely Randi Hamm perched):
~Damian Genuardi: Screen Prints:

~Santiago Felipe: Photography:
~Michael Guerra: Drawing:
~Jamey Hamm: Sculpture:

~The Juan: Djing
~Melissa Diaz: Plant Sculpture:

~Rope Hammock: Featuring Jonny Fuller:

***Music Pictures to come, check back!!!***


Mission Statement:
(Brooklyn based Art and Music series, showcasing local arts!)

The concept of Open House is to utilize apartments, lofts, backyards, roofs and homes as venues to create intimate, shared art and music experiences. Open House hopes to engender the spirit of collaborative and interactive exhibits by not only inviting the viewer into an alternative gallery, but also into a lived in space (home). The Open House Series aims to host monthly events taking place in different homes around Brooklyn. If you would like to Host an Open House, please comment below or send an email to melissadiazart@gmail.com,

with your Name, Location and Email.

Goals for the Future of Open House:

  • Start a Non-Profit organization that allows local area arts to showcase their works while also outreaching to bring the arts further into the community.
  • Continue home exhibitions, offering local artists, performers, musicians (etc.) affordable and accessible exposure and exhibiting space .
  • Provide access to arts and art making to the community by offering free programming to the public with attention to people with special needs.
  • This programming will include, yet not be limited to: Lecture series, Open Air Art Fair, Free Art Making Groups and Demos, Art Parade Fund Raiser, and Specialized Exhibitions for People with Special Needs.

***Next Open House***

August 21, 2010.

South Slope, BK

Perhaps the biggest one yet! Please check for more details to come!!

~ Hoping to create welcoming, collaborative, creative, community experiences! ~

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