The Beginning! (March 27, 2010, Debut)

Hello Everyone!

So I am just another Brooklyn Artist trying to keep the creative momentum going. This can become a bit daunting in a place like New York, but life as an artist can be much more fulfilling and enjoyable when you live amongst a neighborhood of inspiring, unique and motivated individuals!

Mission Statement: Brooklyn based Art and Music series, showcasing local arts.

The concept of Open House is to utilize apartments, lofts, backyards, roofs and homes as venues to create more intimate, shared art and music experiences.

Inspired as a co-founder of retired Orlando based collective, Thread Orlando Inc. ( , I decided to try to keep the spirit of collaborative and interactive exhibits alive by not only inviting the viewer into an alternative gallery, but also into a lived in space.

The Open House Series aims to host monthly events taking place in different homes around Brooklyn. If you would like to host an Open House, please comment below, or send an email to

~ Hoping to create welcoming, collaborative, community experiences !~

Flyer for Upcoming Event below!

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