First Event, this Saturday! March, 27, 2010!

First Installment of Brookyn Based Open House Series, featuring Art and Music Showcases Locally in our apartments!

Hosted by: Melissa Diaz and Dan Bindschedler

Art Opening: Apt# Ss1,


Featuring the works of:

Melissa Diaz (bedroom installation)
Anthony Mangicapra(painting, drawing)
Daniel Villela (painting, drawing)
Danny Coeyman (sewn works, painting)

Music Portion: Apt# B3,


Featurings the sounds of:

Gabby Sherba
Stamp Collection
Gypsy George
Chris Banach
You Suck

Followed by closing Dance Party 11:00pm-12:00amish, Apt# Ss1

Both Apartments are located in the same giant brick building between 23rd and 24th st, so it should be quite easy to hop from one to next!

Come share in the community fun, and be a part of the first of many more to come!

There will be some beverages and snacks, but please feel free to byob!

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