Open House BK
{Brooklyn Based Community Arts Initiative}


Open House Brooklyn creates pop-up arts experiences for the Brooklyn community. Established in 2010, OHBK began as an exhibition series, utilizing Brooklyn apartments, lofts, backyards, roofs and homes as venues for intimate, shared arts and music experiences. The series promotes the spirit of collaborative and interactive exhibits via alternative venue, the home. We aim to expand the idea of exhibition space, while supporting emerging artists and building a bridge between all art forms.


Additionally, Open House Brooklyn has expanded it’s programming, now incorporating education and soon creative arts therapy services. Our new initiative, OHBK Kids, will provide Creative Arts Classes, Workshops, Events and Art Therapy sessions for children. This includes our first launched workshop series, Art Moves Kids, a Creative Arts and Movement/Yoga workshop for children.

It’s our future goal to obtain Non-Profit status, further collaborate with art outreach programs and continue to develop accessible events and classes for individuals with any range of abilities.


We embrace all creative art forms!

If you would like to host an Open House or exhibit/perform please email: melissa@openhousebk.com, with your name, location, links and contact.

~ Collaborative, Creative, Community Experiences! ~



Meet the Directors:


Founder/Director: Melissa Diaz


Melissa Diaz is a Brooklyn based artist and art therapist. This Florida native received her BFA in Painting at the University of Central Florida. In 2006, she moved to New York to pursue a Masters degree in Art Therapy from Pratt Institute.


Melissa creates environments to form a transitional space which welcomes play and introspection. Through utilizing simple/child-like materials, Melissa demonstrates how fun and accessible art can be. Her artwork aims to form a relationship with the surroundings and the viewer, paralleling her framework as an art therapist.


In her art therapy work, Melissa specializes in an Open Studio approach, working with individuals who experience mental illness, trauma and/or special needs.


Melissa began Open House BK in 2010 as a means for local emerging artists to showcase their work, while embracing a community platform that offers opportunities for creative networking.  Open House BK was birth from the idea of co-creating, collaborating and the power of transforming space. www.melissadiazart.com


Associate Director: Kristina Donello


Kristina Donello, is a Brooklyn based dance artist, instructor, and arts administrator. As part of Open House Brooklyn, she has been involved in the curation of art and performance exhibitions, program development, and creative arts leadership for youth workshops focused on the healing arts and movement therapy. Kristina looks forward to exploring and expanding OH BK’s mission of creating accessible venues for the art community. While offering participants opportunities for artistic growth and exposure, her contributions will also aim to incorporate interactive exercises as a means of therapy by utilizing the creative process in both exhibition and art education events. Kristina is a certified yoga instructor and received her BFA from the Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College. For more information visit www.kristinadonello.com