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Want to know more about Open House Brooklyn? Check out this interview by Melissa Diaz for Consonants & Vowels Recordings.

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Here’s an Excerpt, Full interview below:

“To say the least, South Slope is a special place. Its initial quiet vibe is quickly debunked by the overwhelmingly warm and talented community hiding in narrow coffee houses and back-space bars that line 5th ave. Artist after artist comes through and brings new light to the neighborhood, but the part that makes this Brooklyn artistic neighborhood at all significant is that they actually help each other. Visual artist Melissa Diaz took notice of this long ago, and decided to put an umbrella over all this goodwill and art, giving people a place to gather, which happens to be their own homes. With the help of a rotating cast of folks, Melissa Diaz started Open House Brooklyn, which travels from house to house through South Brooklyn, mixing media and bridging more and more artists together. Below, she talks about the pros and cons of the intimate settings and future plans.
Convo: What prompted you to start the open house?
MD: I’ve lived in the south slope neighborhood for the past 4+ years and it started to become evident that a passionate creative spirit was growing in the community. It was Roots Café that acted as outlet for many artists and musicians in the community to meet and then move forth and collaborate. A creative hub of artists of all forms was developing. Along with that, I’ve always loved showing in alternative spaces and it’s often not the easiest to get shows at venues or gallery space, especially in NYC. I was also inspired by a collective I was a part of in Orlando, Fl, in which our primary exhibition space was in one of the member’s homes. Those shows always exuded such a positive energy and represented the best of what DIY shows could be like. The vibe of those shows seemed akin to the vibe that was sparking in south slope, so it seemed like perfect timing to start Open House BK. Also I wanted to offer up more shows where the viewer/audience can really share in the space and everyone to feel like they’re really a part of it.
How long has the open house been going on for?
MD: Open House started March 24, 2010.”
Convo:What is your own opinion of how open house “works” or functions?
MD: I think it is functioning successfully as DIY community arts initiative, basically a series that offers opportunities for collaborating between art forms, meeting new people, artist, musician, making friends and highlighting the community and local arts.
Since, nothing is really too behind the scenes, it offers the opportunity for the viewer to realize they could do something similar, or be apart of an Open House show, kind of a spring board for other community art ideas or home shows.

Full Interview:


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