Spring Fling Photos & Santiago Felipe Photography

Spring Fling Photos by Santiago Felipe: http://www.santiagofelipe.com/ , http://www.facebook.com/Santi.Photography

Such a fun night, thanks to Randi Hamm for being a stellar co-host, all the Awesome Djs, Special thanks to DJ Diz (Dmitri) & everyone involved!!!!.

~Event Decor Design: Melissa Diaz

**Santiago Felipe’s photography can also be followed on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Santiagofelipe

~Santi has shown his photos twice with OH BK and has shot for our events. Ive had the pleasure of being friends with Santi and getting to see the progression of an NYC photog’s journey. Santiago is one of the most dynamic nightlife photographers I’ve ever seen. He finds a way to seamlessly capture the essence of the feelings and experience of those in the photos. Whether photographing, musicians, artists or excited onlookers, Santi always conveys the spirit of those actually in the creative moment!


Here’s what Santiago has to be say about his work: I’ve come a long way and it’s been quite a struggle. But, as I look back at my work, especially my recent pieces—the articles and photos I’ve published, the community that’s supported me, and networks I’ve created along the way, I know it’s all been worth it.

I started at seventeen, going to shows with my 35mm film camera. Music photography had been nothing more than a hobby back then. I came to the field for the sheer enjoyment of photographing artists that I loved listening to, as an extension of being a fan of their music and creating memories for myself. That has since evolved into a career where I work and hang out with artists, collaborating and participating in the process. Lately, I’ve been branching out, seeking performers and dancers as muses to fuel my own creativity and exercise my own creative vision.

Additional Blog entry dedicated to Santi’s photos to follow!  For booking contact: Contact@SantiagoFelipe.com

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