Great Success! Overdue Post!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

To everyone who came and participated in the First Installment of the Open House Series!

Special Thanks to:

Artists and Musicians!
(random order)

Danny Coeyman

Anthony Mangicapra

Daniel Villela

Chris Banach

Gabby Sherba

You Suck

Gypsy George

Stamp Collection
(Erik Emanuelson, Tom Mariani, Dan Bindschedler, Ellis Bahl)

& Thanks to:

Carolina Ramirez (Art Opening Hostess)

Vanessa Sinclair (Set up and photog)

Greg Nelson (Impromptu DJ)

Thanks Co-host:

Dan Bindschedler (Music apt)!

Photos by:

Vanessa Sinclair, Ellis Bahl, Gypsy George

~Please comment or contact me at if you would like to:

– Host an Open House (Month? Where?)


– Share creative ideas you would like to incorporate!

This project is dedicated to the needs and wants of the community…sooo all ideas are valid!

Please feel free to share and spread the word!!!!

~ Bringing the arts to the home, from the home, to the world!! ~


Melissa (Founder & Friend)

Pics to come!!!!!!!

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